Do You Believe…

That as a person with autism, You can contribute meaningfully to the world through your work

Your loved one with autism can lead the full and independent life they deserve

You can prove how capable people with autism really are

You can build a financially viable social enterprise on the strengths of individuals with autism

We’ve Done Exactly That


We all recognize the problem, there are simply too few businesses that see the value in employing individuals with autism. You have the power to do something about this.

We’ll tell the story of how we’ve built a financially viable business that’s unfair competitive advantage is the 35 individuals with autism it employs and how others just like you are starting their entrepreneurial journey as well.

Are you ready to awaken the autism entrepreneur inside you?


  • What it’s like to be an autism entrepreneur
  • How to avoid the common mistakes many others have made
  • How to ideate potential business models
  • How to break a business idea into it’s component parts
  • How to test your ideas in the real world
  • How to build key partnerships
  • How to creatively finance your business

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