Rising Tide Immersion Experience

What if you could have…

5x Lower Turnover Turnover and increased retantion

Higher profitability through reduced training costs and increased productivity

Improved employee engagement

A story that reasonates deeply with many of your customers

An opportunity to change someones life

We’ve done exactly this with Rising Tide Car Wash

Are you ready to put potential to work?

In our 2-day Rising Tide Immersion Workshop we’ll show you how to design the 6 key systems that will allow you to unlock the potential of individuals with autism in your business

System 1 - Recruiting

Imagine having a recruiting process that consistently brings you the candidates you want with only a few phone calls and acts as a powerful tool to cultivate brand evangelists in your local community. Our Process does just this and is replicable  in many industries.

System 2 - Interviewing

The most common system companies fail in when it comes to unlocking the potential of people with autism is interviewing. Many companies unknowingly screen out excellent candidates because they don’t communicate well in interviews. We will help you design an interview that cuts through the fluff and accurately identifies people who will be good at doing the actual work you need them to complete.

System 3 - Training

This is secret sauce, the system that makes it all work. By implementing a rigorous, standards based pre-employment training you can virtually eliminate job failure due to lack of skill and set your new employees up for success. But the training does not stop once employment starts by leveraging a kaizen approach to ongoing training and using micro promotions to keep the team motivated you can create a team that is incredibly excited to learn. We will walk you through our process and help you set up a similar system in you business.

System 4 - Workplace Design

To fully unlock the potential of employees with autism it is critical to make sure all your work process are concrete and consistent. We will show you a host of tools to make this a happen in your business.

System 5 - Culture Design

Ask any successful enterprenuer and they will tell you that they most important ingredients to an enduringly successful business is organisational culture. The amazing thing here is that employing people with autism has the potential to transform an organisation’s culture ,give the whole team purpose and align everyone around the concepts of servant leadership. We’ll show you how to leverage your autism employment initiative to improve your companies culture.

System 6 - Building an Autism Empowerment Brand

Your initiative will change the lives of each person you employ. 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism. The community of people who love someone is considerable. As 80% of adults with autism are unemployed, Telling stories about their compatibilities can activate this community to spread the world about your business and generate new,loyal customers.


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